divert +20M ocean-bound plastic bottles by 2025
(total bottles diverted)

The Trinity of Hair Care - 3 e's

By honoring ego, experience, and Earth through noticeable results, we're freeing the planet from plastic waste. Keep reading, to learn about our ongoing commitment to the planet's plastic problem.


We honor your ego.
A great hair day to us, leaves you feeling confident, empowered, bold, stunning, supported, and refreshed. But here’s the thing, that’s for you to decide, you fill in the blank. What’s your ego feeling? We want you to love your noticeable results every single lather, so much so that we do it on purpose. We’ve been there, products that just don’t stack up, inevitably end up in the trash. And that stops here. Intentionally-selected ingredients for optimal performance leave even the most demanding of egos satisfied.


We honor your experience.
Tapping into your senses; luxurious lather, evocative scenting, and minimalist design, work together for the ultimate in-shower experience. From the very first familiar lather, all skepticism rinses away. The luxury hair care experience you know and love is elevated, from lather to finished style, hair feels soft, manageable, and nourished, all without the plastic waste.


We honor our Earth.
Every good story needs a villain, ours... is plastic. It has a place, but the ease and convenience of our "throw-away" mentality has led to the destruction of our planet. That's why we’re plastic negative. Our bars prevent 3+ plastic bottles AND we collect other companies’ trash (you’re welcome). Each product sold collects 10 ocean-bound plastic bottles, in partnership with Plastic Bank®. But what does that mean? The only thing in excess with us, is noticeable results. Our products, their ingredients, packaging, shipping materials, and lifecycle, are scrutinized to be minimal, responsibly disposed of, and honor our Earth.