Once upon a time.

…there were two little girls. Sisters, both very different, but with a shared undeniable drive to create. From humble beginnings in a rural community, where using what you have, fixing things when they're broken, and finding new purpose for old things; their entrepreneurial spirit was born. Years passed, and those little girls grew up. The world was changing, and these beliefs quickly gave way to convenience and mindless consumption. Done with their wasteful ways, those two little girls (now women) have come back to their roots, with the creation of NOT!CE Hair Co. --uncompromising hair care results, don't need to come with plastic waste.

Arden Teasdale,
Founder & CEO

Hi, I’m Arden, like garden, without the G. Like most little kids, I loved animals growing up, but not like “ohh they’re cute”, more like you could find me most nights sleeping in the barn. I created NOT!CE Hair Co. to blend all of my passions; honor the planet, protect the animals, and because we CAN have it all, do it with great hair. I have a lot of unruly hair and I’ve been down the road too many times, to know that the product that will “change my life”, indeed does not. NOT!CE changes that. We knew that every lather could have an impact; noticeable results for your hair, noticeable results for the planet. Now that’s something that little me would be proud of.

Allison Teasdale,
Founder & COO

Professionally I’m Allison, but you can call me Ally. My entire life I’ve wanted to be a hair stylist, so naturally, I became an Accountant (thanks, Dad!). While my penchant for numbers drives all things operations, my true love will always be hair care. So, when your sister, who’s also your product junky partner in crime, says “want to play with hair care AND protect the future of our planet?” you just say YES. There may still be time to make my hair styling dreams a reality, but I’d say that this adventure has gotten me pretty close already.