Step 1: WASTE

Now that you're on notice, let's review how to responsibly dispose of our packaging.
Product Bags: Made from 100% post-consumer recycled material. If soiled with oil - compost or repurpose (using as a scent sheet in drawers is a fav!). If clean - pop in the recycling, compost or repurpose.
Shipping Materials: Kraft box, kraft paper, and paper tape are all curb-side recycle-able, or reuseable. We use the smallest box possible, with the least amount of paper to keep bars safe in transit.

Step 2: LATHER

Wet hair thoroughly. Lather bar in hands and apply to hair, or swipe bar directly on head about 4-5 times. Massage with hands, to create noticeable lather. If you need more, add another swipe. Rinse thoroughly, for oily hair or product build-up, repeat as necessary. Follow with conditioner to soften. Keep bars out of spraying water, and store on a bar dish with drainage.

Step 3: SOFTEN

Wet bar and apply directly to wet hair. Starting at your hairline, swipe down to your neck, then through the length of your hair. Massage through hair with fingers. Let set 3-5 minutes, magic takes a moment, then detangle with fingers, a comb or a wet brush. You'll feel the "slip" when easily detangling. Rinse thoroughly, re-apply to ends as a leave-in (for oily hair, do a 1/2 rinse). Keep bars out of spraying water and store on a bar dish with drainage.