To whom it may concern,

We're NOT!CE Hair Co., a leading hair care company, with purpose. Honoring ego, experience, and Earth through noticeable results, we’re freeing the planet from plastic waste. We're saying farewell to "Unwrapped Life", and hello to a new identity, a refined purpose, and a continued passion for hair that gets noticed.
Why rebrand? Simple. After 6 years we know who we are and what we do (ridiculously well) and that's hair care, plastic-free, of course. NOT!CE Hair Co. embodies our bold purpose as we forge ahead.
What's with the new name? We're a serious hair care brand (not a zero-waste blog) putting an entire industry on notice, so it's about time we acted like it. With results this good, you're sure to be noticed.
Is anything else changing? We're still fiercely led by our female founders, Arden & Allison (sisters!), and that's not about to change. You'll notice a boldly redesigned website, but your fan-favorites are all still here and get ready to try some new ones!
So lather on. There's no looking back; hair care has been forever changed.