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Perfect for your shower shelf, vanity or counter top, our soft and flexible silicone bar dish lets water drain, and air flow freely, allowing your shampoo, conditioner, or bar soap, to dry completely (and extend their life!). The logo side can be used comfortably for a set of hair bars, while the ridged side is ideal for use with any of our body bars. 

Features our former "Unwrapped Life" branding. 

BEST FOR: keep bars high and dry


Reversible: one full-size body bar (side with ridges)
Reversible: shampoo and conditioner bar side-by-side (logo side)
Toss in top rack of the dishwasher for safe and effective cleaning
Perfect for travelling with bars, light-weight and quick-drying
Constructed with food grade silicone

100% dishwasher-safe. Simply toss in the top rack, and you're done. Alternatively, the dish may be cleaned by hand with a dish brush to remove any stuck-on product.

5 inches long x 3.5 inches wide


100% food grade silicone


PREVENT: Each bar dish supports to use of shampoo, conditioner and body bars, which prevent 2-3 plastic bottles per bar from ending up in landfill.

COLLECT: Each product purchased collects 10 ocean-bound plastic bottles from our natural environment in partnership with Plastic Bank®.

PACKAGE: Our bar dishes are “naked” and don’t include any additional packaging. If end of life occurs, which is not expected, silicone may be recycled or composted after burning.

SHIP: No plastic here, you’ll find simple kraft cardboard shipping boxes, kraft paper packing (a tiny bit to keep bars safe in transit), and paper tape, all fully recyclable.

RETURN: Nope, nada. We don’t accept returns. Reverse shipping creates too much trash. Have a problem with a product? Email us, we’ll solve it.