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The Leaf razor blades are single-edged, so you won’t have to mess around with snapping them in half, like you would with a standard double-edge safety razor blade. Plus, Leaf blades have been finely tuned to provide the perfect balance between closeness and comfort.

Why safety razor blades? Pure steel construction means they can be recycled (please don’t leave in curbside recycling -- see Leaf’s blade recycling program), closing the loop for a truly zero-waste shave. And, a pack of 50 blades costs less than a single disposable cartridge, and wastes no cabinet space!

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100% plastic-free
Single-edge (half DE) blades, no snapping in half!
Made using cold-forged Swedish steel & a platinum coating to stay sharp longer
Pure steel construction, means they can be recycled
Pack of 50 costs less than 1 disposable cartridge
Recycle blades through "Recycle with Leaf"

Loading the blades: Open the blade holder by turning the screw counterclockwise. Load one, two, or three blades depending on your preference. Then, fasten the blade holder by turning the screw clockwise.

Picking a blade position: Load the top blade only for the mildest shave possible (sensitive skin and/ or areas). Add the middle blade for a moderately close shave. Include all three blades for the closest shave possible!


Swedish steel & a platinum coating


PREVENT: Each blade refill prevents +600 plastic shaving cartridges in a life-time from making their way to landfill.

COLLECT: Each product purchased collects 10 ocean-bound plastic bottles from our natural environment in partnership with Plastic Bank®.

PACKAGE: Leaf blade refills are simply packaged in a cardboard box and the blades are wrapped in paper. Both pieces are recyclable when disposing.

SHIP: No plastic here, you’ll find simple kraft cardboard shipping boxes, kraft paper packing (a tiny bit to keep bars safe in transit), and paper tape, all fully recyclable.

RETURN: Nope, nada. We don’t accept returns. Reverse shipping creates too much trash. Have a problem with a product? Email us, we’ll solve it. Leaf Razor’s include a life-time guarantee, honored directly with Leaf Shave.



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