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Our delicates bag is made entirely from scrap material, making each bags the same dimensions, but no two bags alike. Featuring a fold over flap (like a pillow case!), eliminating the need for a plastic zipper, they keep smaller items secure and protected in the washing machine. Perfectly sized for smaller intimates (bra, underwear, etc.) or a weeks worth (or more!) of reusable facial rounds

BEST FOR: reusable facial rounds & intimates


Each bag is unique, made entirely from scrap material!
Made of 100% natural & organic cotton fibers
Hand-sewn with organic cotton thread
Fold-over opening, no pesky plastic zippers!
Fits intimates or reusable rounds (7.5"W x 9"L)

Delicates bags are not pre-washed, so expect some shrinking. Place intimates (bra, underwear, etc.), or reusable rounds in bag and then place in washing machine. Lay flat/ hang to air dry. If end of life does occur, please compost!

7.5"W x 9"L (expect shrinkage after first wash) features interior serged edges to prevent fraying


Cotton Mesh: 100% organic cotton (OCS Certified)
Thread: 100% organic cotton thread (GOTS certified)


PREVENT: Each delicates bag prevents the use of a synthetic/ polyester intimates bag, reducing the release of micro plastics into our waterways. They’re also fully made from scrap cuts from our other textiles products, closing the look on waste.

COLLECT: Each product purchased collects 10 ocean-bound plastic bottles from our natural environment in partnership with Plastic Bank®.

PACKAGE: Our bags are “naked” and don’t include any additional packaging. If end of life occurs, our bags are home or commercially compostable.

SHIP: No plastic here, you’ll find simple kraft cardboard shipping boxes, kraft paper packing (a tiny bit to keep bars safe in transit), and paper tape, all fully recyclable.

RETURN: Nope, nada. We don’t accept returns. Reverse shipping creates too much trash. Have a problem with a product? Email us, we’ll solve it.



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